LSG&M provides construction services for all areas of work - federal, industrial, commercial, farm and ranch, as well as residential. While LSG&M specializes in larger jobs such as subdivisions, and commercial and industrial sites, we take pride in treating our individual homeowner, small businessperson, and rancher with the same consideration and importance as our bigger customers.

We have completed projects as big as public schools, complete subdivisions, aircraft hangars, taxiways, churches, banks, military offices, and restaurants and as small as the installation or repair of a residential yard. If you are a big company interested in a professional and competent company to build your project, give us a try. We guarantee that you will be satisfied. If you're an individual looking to increase your property value and curb appeal by dressing up your driveway, fixing an irritating drainage problem, enhancing the aesthetics via site grading, or clearing trees - we can do it!

We guarantee our work...we take pride in the quality of work we produce and guarantee it to be done right. Our best advertising is our happy customers!

Call us to get a no-cost no-obligation bid for work to be completed - you'll be glad you did!